Hurricane Matthew

MSF OCB Hurricane Matthew Response: Reconstruction Materials Distribution (2017) public 

OCB has undertaken to learn from its emergency intervention to support the victims of Hurricane Matthew, during which it experienced difficulties providing shelter and reconstruction relief. The aim is to evaluate the distribution of reconstruction materials in remote and hard to reach areas covering the entire duration and geographical area; Grand’Anse and Sud Department from 6 October 2016 to 20 February 2017.


Typhoon Haiyan 2013

Emergency response to Typhoon Haiyan- intersectional review (2014) internal 

This Intersectional Review was designed to examine the operational choices of each Operational Centre, the perceived cost disparity and the role of the MSF regional offices in the emergency as well as the external perception of MSF’s added value in the response. Overall the response by MSF to Typhoon Haiyan was well perceived by all involved. A key obstacle was the issue of access following the disaster.


Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami 2011

Evaluation of MSF Emergency Response Tohoku Earthquake (2011) internal 

This review analyses the timeliness and relevance of MSF’s emergency response following the earthquake and tsunami, a situation complicated by the nuclear accident at Fukushima and aftershocks. The report examines the extent to which priority needs were covered, the decision making process and operational choices, intervention conditions / risks, the supply option in the country during emergency phase, the institutional aspects and other major relief actors.


Haiti earthquake 2010

Internal OCB Review; The Haiti earthquake- timing of first response (2010) internal 

This review looks at OCB’s response, in terms of reactivity / timeliness during the first month after the earthquake. The objective to learn more about the timing was set in order to improve the accuracy of operational choices and potentially speed up implementation in future emergency responses. It also makes a comparison with the responses of OCG as well as MDM-France.


Emergency snapshot: MSF surgical response to the mass casualty earthquake in Haiti (2010) public 

This 3-page document provides a short summary of MSF’s surgical intervention in Haiti and outlines key lessons learnt and recommendations from a medical perspective 


Haiti earthquake response inter-sectional review (2010) public 

This intersectional review covers the interventions of the five operational centres and provides a synthesis of six specific reviews looking at the different axes of the response: global/operational, medical/surgical, logistic/supply, communication, human resources and fund raising. An intended inter-sectional finance review and/or audit did not take place. Evaluators consider this the biggest limitation of this review exercise.


Nargis Cyclone 2008

Internal report: Response to Nargis cyclone, Irrawaddy delta, Myanmar- 13 Lessons learned from the OCG intervention (2009) internal 

Widely considered a successful intervention, this report summarises the main lessons learned in the areas of Human Resources, Logistics, Medical, Fundraising, Communication and the transition from crisis to post-crisis


Pakistan Earthquake 2005

OCB Earthquake intervention in Kashmir, Pakistan (2006) internal 

This report focuses on the first 3 months of OCB’s intervention in the Bagh district of Kashmir. As only a few documents were available, it was requested that the report provide a chronology of intervention. The evaluation then looks into the intervention strategy, activities, resources, coordination and perception by the beneficiaries. The report also contains a short description of the interventions of other MSF sections, namely MSF Holland and MSF France, who made use of new technology in the field (inflatable tent).


Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami 2004

Aceh Post-Tsunami Intervention, MSF OCB (2005) internal 

This operational evaluation focuses on the first three months of MSF’s intervention in Aceh, looking at the different implemented activities as well as the coordination set up of the intervention. 


Transversal Learning

Natural Disaster Visit Report Indonesia, Philippines, October / November 2009 (2009) internal 

Part 1: Following a series of natural disasters in Asia (floods, tsunamis and earthquakes), this report compiles the findings of a visit to Indonesia and the Philippines. It provides a snapshot of the operational reality, with a description of the strategies deployed by MSF, the different parties involved, the issues that arose and any lessons to be learnt. 


Natural disasters and MSF, International Office, December 2009 (2009) internal 

Part 2: The above report (Part 1) found that the interventions in the Philippines and Indonesia were satisfactory, although faced challenges which seem to arise year after year. This report outlines these challenged in more depth and attempts to propose ways of overcoming them.


Evaluation report: Response to Natural Disaster - Transversal evaluation of seven OCG interventions in 2007 (2008) internal 

OCG intervened following 5 natural disaster events in 2007, spending a total amount of 1.589.064 CHF. This evaluation was initiated in order to provide the basis for a revision of OCG policy and strategies towards natural disaster response 


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